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      The R&P Report

    A brief review of the major bills Congress has considered during the week, along with a preview of legislation it will consider the following week. When Congress is in session, you'll receive this report every Monday morning via fax or e-mail.

      NWYC Action Alerts

    Please fill out your Constituent Opinion Ballot on an important issue before Congress. Space for your opinion is provided on each ballot along with the appropriate address so that you may send it directly to your member of Congress.

    Your Action Affects Legislation

    NWYC works with members of Congress to ensure your voice is heard. Look at these examples of constituent pressure changing minds.

    Interview with Congressman Brady

    Interview with Philip Adams, Business Owner

    Interview with Jeff Sandor, Business Owner

    Interview with Congressman Sessions

    Congress Passes Landmark Tax Cuts

    EPA Abuse of Power

      eVoter: Important Votes

    eVoter provides analysis of major votes before Congress. Compare your opinion to how your legislators voted.

      NWYC Mobile

    National Write Your Congressman is Preserving Our Legacy of Freedom for the Next Generation through our new ground breaking Mobile App for Iphone and Android phones.

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