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    Immigration Reform

    Immigration proposals that the leadership is pushing emphasize increased border security, crackdown on Arizona’s recently passed legislation, as well as a path to citizenship or amnesty. However, skeptics contend that instead of fixing our broken borders, Congress is playing a game of introducing immigration reform that will turn into nothing more than amnesty. Proponents counter that once we get past the politics, it is possible to have practical immigration reform that reflects our heritage and values, and all aspects of society, government, business and individuals will be accountable.

    For a Path to Citizenship

    “This legislation will give this population a tough but fair opportunity to come forward and earn their citizenship by meeting several requirements, includ­ing paying fees and fines, passing national security and criminal background checks, paying their taxes, and learning English.... Establishing a tough but fair path to bring undocumented individuals out of the shadows and into the lawful immigration system will benefit American workers and our society as a whole. Studies of the 1986 immigration reform law found that legalizing previously undocumented workers increased wages by close to 10 percent or more, reflecting increases in worker productivity that benefit the broader economy.... Overall, a path to citizenship for our Nation’s undocumented im­migrants is crucial to modernizing our immigration system.” (Source: S. Rept. 113-40)

    Against Amnesty

    “[Some] recently made the call for amnesty against the will of the American people and in the face of violence on the border. The President and I agree that our country is a land of immigrants – legal immigrants. We should not blur the lines between legal and illegal immigrants.…It is an affront to everyone who has come here legally, and is currently waiting in line, to grant amnesty to people whose first action was to break our laws. We should also remember that legal status for the 11 million will then open up a pathway for their dependents to also come to America – another 25 to 30 million people. Furthermore, the American people do not trust that the government will provide border security. Until the government proves it can and will enforce current law and control our borders, there should be no discussion of amnesty.” (Source: Press Release)

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